Geometrical Design Secrets
Geometrical Design Secrets – The Community for Decorative Pattern Creators

You are most welcome to join Geometrical Design Secrets – The home of geometry-based pattern design.

Geometrical Design Secrets is a FaceBook Community. Our mission is to support each other in the creation of beautiful and harmonious decorative patterns using geometry.

If you want to grow your creative network, learn new design skills and, get the support and inspiration you need to reach your goals, then join the community, share your experiences and reach out for help whenever you need it. Our community is what we make of it together.

I’m Chris Heath and I was born and I live in New Zealand. I have been exploring geometry-based pattern design since the early 1990’s. I even have a Masters degree from Auckland Univerity’s School of Architecture where I completed my thesis ‘The Geometrical Laws and Principles in Ornament’.

My vision is that we all share our methods of work so that we can foster creativity, grow confident, and find happiness in what we do through the kind act of helping others.

It’s my goal to help ten thousand artists, crafts-people, and designers find and excel at designing beautiful patterns that they can be proud of, patterns that are admired by others, and patterns that sell.

For our family and friends, for our communities, and of course, for ourselves, let’s help each other to achieve this vision!

Let’s thrive by helping each other.

I’m so excited to connect with you, and have you with us.

Welcome Aboard!

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