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  • Create Beautiful Icons
  • Build Your Own Proportional Grids

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Version 1 Recap

In Version 1 we showed you:

  • how to build the iOS icon grid from scratch using nothing but circles, squares and pentagons, and
  • how the iOS icon grid embodied the golden ratio and related root-two ratio.

In addition, we introduced you to a range of compatible grids (geometric progressions) from the late 19th  / early 20th Century and showed how these related grids can be combined with the iOS Icon Grid to create and lay out your icons.

Whats New in Version 2

Icon Design has been expanded to include more geometrically proportioned icons. Also, in Version 2 you will see how the iOS icon grid can be used as a starting point for building a range of icon grids for MacOS. It’s surprisingly simple and easy to follow.


Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is no myth. Find out how you can use the golden ratio in a practical way to harmonize your icon elements with Apple’s iOS, MacOS, tvOS and Watch OS icons.

With a range of geometrically constructed grids, discover how you can use the golden ratio to great effect in your own work.



tvOS Icon Grid

Learn how to build a complete icon grid for Apple’s tvOS in 16 easy steps. Icon Design will step you through the process of building:

  • the focused and unfocused zones for Apple’s parallax effect, and
  • a geometrically derived icon grid.

Learn to build a simple icon grid using circles, hexagons, pentagons and squares, then use this grid to proportion and lay out your tvOS icon elements.


MacOS Icon Grids

Included in Icon Design are two MacOS icon grids that you can use for tilted and round icons.

Derived geometrically from the iOS icon grid,  use these grids to adapt your existing iOS app icons to MacOS, or design your MacOS icons from scratch. With these icon grids, your icons will line up beautifully and effortlessly on the MacOS dock; just like Apple’s icons.



Apple Watch Icon Grids

Following on from the iOS icon grid and icon grids for MacOS and tvOS, use the same geometric techniques for building Watch OS icon grids.

Once you get the hang of working geometrically to build the grids in this book, you will be well on your way to creating your own grids.



iBooks Author Conference Awards – Icon Design

After competing against more than 1000 nominations, Icon Design ( Version 1.0 ) was a finalist in the ‘The iBAs (2015)’.

The iBA’s, formally known as the iBooks Author Conference Awards, are the only peer-nominated, peer-voted awards for best-in-class achievement with Apple’s iBooks Author. Icon Design was a finalist in the following categories:

  • Best Reference Book
  • iBook of the Year
  • Best Book Cover of the Year

Chris Heath was a finalist in the ‘Author of the Year’ category for Icon Design.


What do people who have bought Icon Design have to say?

“A wonderful application of maths to creating very pleasing iconography. While focused around the various Apple platforms, these  guides can be applied to many different graphic design applications. Great use of interactive images as well.” –mattdwen


“Icon Design is an excellent design manual for professionals, artists and designers who want to create simple yet elegant visual images for icons or icon like artwork. Chris’ understanding of the timeless principles of geometric proportion and the Apple iOS icon grid has allowed him to integrate the two into an easy to use, step by step, fun left brain-right brain holistic approach to design.” – Simon Bialobroda