‘Icon Design – Designing Elegant Icons’ is intended primarily for designers of icons and app developers who want to incorporate the golden section and/or related ratios into the layout of their app icons.


To make full use of this book, you should be:

  • able to draw or sketch out your initial icon concepts on paper, and be
  • proficient at using vector drawing software.

The step-by-step instructions that show you how to build simple proportional grids assume you already know how to use your vector drawing app to:

  • draw circles and regular polygons, and
  • accurately scale grouped copies of what you have drawn to at least three decimal places.


Most dedicated vector drawing apps will suffice. Adobe Illustrator is ideal, as is Indeeo’s iDraw. Sketch may also be sufficient. I initially started using iDraw and Sketch, and found myself using iDraw more and more because it felt more familiar. Accurate grids can also be created using CAD software.

Designed for iPad with Retina Display

‘Icon Design’ is an iBook and has been tested on the iPad 3 (retina iPad). The images (static and interactive) are optimised for the retina display and may run slower on an older device.

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Coming Soon

Read about what is coming to Icon Design: New icon grids for OS X, tvOS and Apple Watch.