The iOS icon grid beautifully expresses two ratios. These ratios are the golden section (1:1.618…) and the square root of two (1:1.4142…). Any grid that expresses the golden ratio and its related proportions will harmonise with this grid.

The Golden Ratio and the Square Root of Two

The iOS icon Grid and Phi (Golden Ratio)
iOS Icon Grid

The picture above shows you how all the grid’s lines and curves are related by these two ratios. In the book ‘Icon Design’ I’ll show you how to build this grid in 15 easy-to-follow steps.

But, as good as the iOS icon grid is for placing and sizing your design elements, there are other grids that you can use to tweak the location of every point and curve of your design. I’ll also be showing you how to easily build and use these other grids. These other grids are no secret, they have been around for hundreds of years.

What is ‘Icon Design’?

‘Icon Design – Designing Elegant Icons’ is the name of a book that is currently being written and it is due for release exclusively as an iBook in May 2014. Sign up for the newsletter and you will be kept up to date on when the book will go on sale.

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