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Unity & Harmony?

For many designers, it’s not clear how Apple’s icons are unified.  Yes, there is the limited family of bright colours, and there is the icon grid. On trawling the internet for comments about the grid, I  have seen some that indicate that not even Apple uses its own icon grid, and these comments arise from overlaying the iOS icon grid on top of the icons and not seeing the correlations – because they are not there to see. But what most people don’t realise is, it’s not the icon grid that iOS icons need to correlate with, it’s the proportions used in the grid’s construction.

Unity & Harmony!

At the heart of the iOS icon grid is the golden section and the square root of two; and it is these and a few other ratios that unify Apple’s app icons. That said, any proportional grid that shares any or a combination of these ratios can be used to harmonise your icon’s design elements with Apple’s icons.

In the book ‘Icon Design’, you will be introduced to a set of related proportional grids and shown how to easily construct them for your own use. The geometrical analysis of Apple’s icons is kept to a minimum, because the book focuses on showing you how to embed the golden section and related ratios into your own work.

None of these other proportional grids in ‘Icon Design’ are new; they are public domain (even though they are not universally known) and have been around for hundreds of years.

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